Report: Public Wants Health Care Price Transparency

I recently discussed health cost transparency from the standpoint of HB 2216, but how does the general public feel about the issue?

A report released Thursday by Public Agenda and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation takes a closer look at public perception of price transparency in the health care industry. While that public perception is certainly a critical element to study, a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying price transparency is desperately needed.

Details of the Report

The report, which was based on results from a 2016 survey of 2,062 U.S. adults and, separately, representative surveys of 808 adults in Texas, 802 adults in New York State, 819 adults in Florida and 826 adults in New Hampshire, revealed a slew of findings:

  • About 50 percent of Americans have tried — before getting services — to find out how much they would need to pay.
  • Insured Americans with higher deductibles are more likely to try to find price information.
  • Uninsured individuals were more likely than those who are insured to seek pricing information.
  • Of those who have tried to compare prices, more than half say they saved money.
    Most Americans do not think prices are a sign of quality in health care.

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