Zurik: ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ Medical Bills Show Critical Need For Transparency

If you buy a TV, a car, a bag of groceries, you know the cost before you check out. But in healthcare, the prices remain hidden – until now.

We’ve spent two months pricing common procedures across the metro area. And hundreds of FOX 8 viewers have helped gather information.we want prices you have on any procedure. right now… We definitely are looking for colonoscopy costs. if you’ve had that… Please send in your costs.

“I’ve got pages and pages that will shock you,” one consumer tells us in a phone message.

Those pages refer to the sort of paperwork that should easily outline the cost of your healthcare coverage. For many in the metro area, though, the answers remain hidden in a complex language of letters and numbers.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” says another person.

“They charged me $2,300 to put two drops of deadener in my eyes,” another consumer says.

We received dozens of such voicemails, many with serious accusations.

“I feel like they’re ripping people off by double charging,” one local resident tells us.

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