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About MDS: Mission Driven Strategy

Who Are We?319-istock_000000625788xsmall-bmgi

Mission Driven Strategy provides strategic consulting for non-profits. MDS also chooses causes where there is not a non-profit voice and takes the initiative to make a difference. In this case, we are standing up against overcharging and surprise billing that hospitals burden Americans with.


What Do We Do?

Our goal is to educate and empower people to fight for their rights and to become good healthcare consumers. How? By questioning their bills and demanding transparency, information, and fair prices–every time. We offer advice, provides templates and a process anyone can follow, draft letters, contact hospitals and collections agencies, and even provide pro-bono legal representation. How much will this cost you? NOTHING! Our goal is to empower you. All we ask is that if you found us helpful and saved some money, that you make a contribution that helps us empower even more people.


Why?Senior man in pajamas looking pensively to the side. Horizontal shot.

We wish to empower people and place control in your hands. All we do is prove the tools for you to fight an unfair and corrupt system. If enough people use these tools, we can make a difference together and help create a better system for the future