Our Mission

1918-istock_000026360037large_2-bmgiOur mission is to have health care be fairly priced. We believe that America provides an excellent healthcare service, but the price paid for it is often extremely  unreasonable and sometimes unlawful. In the current system, you can not see specifically what you are being bill for. You ultimately see a price, and are expected to pay it with little to no information.

We have developed a system to help patients reject their bills so that we can change the system. This website offers a step-by-step process to help you challenge your hospital bills and achieve a fair price. It combats surprise billing and over charging by simply pushing the hospital to provide a detailed price list that we are are entitled to, but they refuse to proved. When enough people take this action, we will effect a change to make this system fair for the future.

MDS is here to help you in many ways. We offer advise, draft letters and will even contact the hospital for you if need be. If it arises, we will also provide Pro-Bono Legal services for you.

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