The Healthcare Price Transparency Initiative

Help Colorado voters end healthcare price shock by placing price transparency requirements on the November ballot.

Every one of us is a patient. Every one of us is vulnerable to the devastating impact of skyrocketing, dark prices destroying trust in our healthcare system. Keeping prices hidden allows the healthcare industry to increase charges and bill arbitrarily without accountability to patients, to the marketplace, or to the public. The U.S. healthcare system needs a lot of fixing, but nothing can change until there is full transparency in healthcare pricing.

What does the initiative do?

The Healthcare Price Transparency Ballot Initiative is written to ensure total transparency for ALL commercial participants in the healthcare system. Read the full language of the ballot measure here

Key features include:

  • Healthcare price transparency is a NON-PARTISAN issue. We are all healthcare consumers who deserve a strong, functional healthcare system. We look forward to helping Colorado lead the way on this critical national issue. is not a charity. It’s a movement! And every American is a stakeholder.

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Hospitals, providers, pharmacies, drug companies, and insurers must publish their price lists in easily accessible formats.
If a provider has failed to publish its prices at the time a healthcare service is provided to a patient, that patient will not be held responsible for paying charges associated with that service.
Health insurance providers must publish the prices they have negotiated with all healthcare providers and pharmacies, along with their reimbursement policies.

Why do we need the initiative now?

By requiring the industry to publish their price lists, we will create a functional healthcare marketplace. Patients and their families will be protected from arbitrary billing and high healthcare prices will be exposed. This will reduce prices overall and create a more accountable healthcare system we can #trust.


  • Patients are being sued for bills that insurance companies refuse to pay.
    -Denver Post, 6/29/18

  • One-quarter of Americans have difficulty paying their medical bills
    -New York Times, 1/5/16

  • Cancer treatment costs raise the risk of personal bankruptcy, and cancer patients suffering bankruptcy are more likely to die than other cancer patients.
    -AARP, June/July 2018

  • 20% of Americans have skipped follow-up consultations, treatment and/or prescriptions because of confusion and concerns about cost.
    -Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD 

There is nothing more important than getting our system on the road to its own recovery, and price transparency is the place to start.

What can I do to support Healthcare Price Transparency Initiative?

  • Donate to our petition drive to put the initiative on the ballot and get this important measure passed
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Prior efforts at transparency have only focused on one sector of the system at a time, making those measures ineffective. It is our time to fight back against skyrocketing dark healthcare prices together—now. Please support the Healthcare Price Transparency Ballot Initiative and help us spread the word today! 

The following groups, along with thousands of individuals, have all endorsed's mission for healthcare price transparency:  

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Fixing our healthcare system isn't a bi-partisan issue. It is a truly NONPARTISAN issue.
(General Assembly Bill defeated on 4/29/2018 )

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