Our healthcare system is broken.

Together, we can fix it.

Join the fight for a healthcare system we can #trust.

At BrokenHealthcare, we are fighting for a healthcare system we can trust and are working to empower patients struggling to navigate the broken system we have now. Until healthcare pricing is FULLY transparent, patients will continue to face discriminatory and egregious pricing. Without a free, functional marketplace, prices will continue to rise and quality of care will suffer.

  • Price transparency won’t fix everything that is wrong with the American healthcare system, but nothing can be fixed without it.
    David Silverstein, Founder of Broken Healthcare

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Healthcare's Ailing Economics

Many Americans forego medical care due to high prices

Bill Dispute Tools

Demand the information that you're entitled to.

Why We Should Tax Nonprofit Hospitals

Many large nonprofit hospitals in the US are attaining double-digit profit margins.

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Transparency Explained

How will price transparency change healthcare prices?
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