An Open Letter to Amazon, JPMC and Berkshire Hathaway

Dear Messrs. Bezos, Dimon and Buffet:

We need your help in Colorado. Our legislature has taken up the most transformational healthcare legislation since 1965, and while it is only starting in Colorado, we all know that what happens in Colorado doesn’t stay in Colorado—it can catalyze the nation.

Together you have committed to transforming American healthcare. We all know what that means. We need a system we can trust, because without trust in markets, there are no markets. And that is the most fundamental problem in American healthcare. Our healthcare system’s ills are not borne of capitalism run amok, because we don’t have capitalism in American healthcare. We have an entirely dysfunctional economic system. But we can change that, and we need your help.

Here in Colorado, we are taking on the largest industry on earth—one that has its tentacles in everything. The burgeoning cost of healthcare is the greatest risk to the American economy, and thus our very way of life. We waste more money in one year than we can expect from ten years of tax breaks. We waste more money in a single year than we spend on defense in total. And yet the American healthcare system kills more people every year than have died in war since WWII. These are undisputed facts. We need your help to reverse these trends.

The healthcare lobby will be spending tens of millions of dollars in Colorado during the next few months. Healthcare money will roll into Colorado from all parts of the country. We are one small group standing for the greater good. We have achieved bipartisan support of the most sweeping healthcare legislation since 1965 and we’ve done it without lobbyists. Just a few private citizens and legislators good enough to hear us out. But now we need your help, or it all could be for naught. This story covers it well and the legislation can be found here. Our efforts have been driven by my small non-profit which has thus far stymied the healthcare industry, but may not be able to ultimately defeat it without your help.

Will you help us set the country on the right path? We are certainly committed to the same goal.

Note to all: If you have the ability to do so, please help ensure this letter is delivered to its intended recipients.

Thank you very much,

David Silverstein

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