Help Us Make Sure Healthcare Price Transparency Becomes Law

If you’ve been following BrokenHealthcare’s efforts, you know this is what we’ve been working toward. Our non-partisan legislation is now before the Colorado House of Representatives. Here’s how you can help ensure it passes:

Tell your representatives to pass it!

  • Write to your state representative. You can find their email addresses here. Please feel free to copy me at [email protected]. Just ask them to “Please vote for HB18-1358!” If you are not sure who your state representative is, you can look it up here. And as a Coloradan, you can certainly ask every one of them to vote for this, not just your own representative. Feel free to write dozens of emails if you are so inclined.
  • Plan on attending the House Committee hearing on the bill on April 19th at 1:30. It is very important that we pack the room and show our legislators that we matter much more than special interests. It is we, the people, that vote in November. The committee room is in the lower level of the Capitol in room HCR 0107. Please send me an email if you think you can make it ([email protected]). I’d love to meet you!

Help us hold the legislature accountable through the power of the ballot.

This week we started collecting signatures for the ballot measure. Knowing that this will pass in November is one of the best ways to send the message to the legislature that we want them to do their job and pass this now. Bypassing the legislature through the ballot is an extreme measure that should not be necessary. Our legislators know that nearly 100% of their constituents favor this bill. For them to vote against it or to use procedural means to kill it is a direct indication that special interest money (hospitals and insurance carriers) means more to them than their constituents. There is no other explanation, and no other excuse, for a failure to pass this bill.

In November, we should reward those with the courage to fight for it and reject those who abandoned their constituents in favor of special interests who hide behind a veil. To ensure this happens, we need to raise money and we need volunteers to help us collect signatures. We know this measure will pass once it is on the ballot. To get it there, we need 140,000 signatures. Each signature costs time and money. Even a small donation of money or a small contribution of your time (a few hours) will add up fast if everyone gets involved. This affects us all—greatly. So please consider donating just $10, or $10 per family member. Please consider collecting signatures in your neighborhood (we’ll give you everything you need). And please consider asking your company if you can collect signatures for us at work, too.

We are ready to move Colorado (first) towards a healthcare system we can trust. Please help us make the system better for all of us.

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