Why Everyone Supports Price Transparency in Healthcare

Democrats like its consumer protection and patient empowerment features.

Republicans like it because it’s so pro-business.

And Libertarians like it for its free-market principles.

What is it?

It’s Colorado’s Healthcare Price Transparency legislation that WILL become law this year. And when it does, it will rip across the country. 

It makes sense to everyone. Well, everyone except the healthcare lobby, of course. If you’d like to know how they fight their battles, please read this post (you may have already read it—we have a lot of new subscribers). It’s my most read blog on the subject of healthcare price transparency and has been drawing support and praise from Thailand to Telluride, and Amsterdam to Aspen. This is an issue that affects every American. We’re just starting here in Colorado because this is one of the easier states in which to bypass the legislature.

It’s high time that we take matters into our own hands. While there’s a small chance the Colorado General Assembly will take up this matter in the next week or two, in the end it doesn’t matter. The measure has already been approved by Colorado’s Title Board, which means as soon as we deliver the signatures (140,000 of them), it will be on the ballot in November. The healthcare lobbies will pull every legal maneuver in the book to stop it, but in the end, they will fail. 

We’re already scheduling signature collection to begin in April. Here’s how you can help: 

  1. If you live in Colorado, we need help collecting signatures in your company, neighborhood, social groups, or even your bowling league. If you tell me you’d like to help, someone will get on the phone with you, provide the five minutes of training necessary for you to collect signatures, and will send you the signature collection packet in the mail.
  2. If you don’t live in Colorado but believe in this, donating just $10 for each family member will cover the cost of collecting a signature for you here in Colorado. It will be a symbolic measure, but soon enough it will pay off because what happens in Colorado doesn’t stay in Colorado.

The Broken Healthcare Action Fund is not a charity. It’s an investment. Just a 1% slowdown in the rate of healthcare spending growth will return $100 to every American. Right now, we spend over $10,000/year on healthcare for every man, woman, and child in the country.  That means if we slow the rate of healthcare spending growth, you’ll get a 10 to 1 return on your investment.

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