Guns, Immigration, Abortion…and Healthcare Price Transparency

Did you gasp? Did you just say to yourself, OMG, I can’t believe he’s going there? Three third rail issues, all at once?!

Worry not. There’s really only one thing I want you to know about guns, immigration and abortion, and that is there are REAL people on all sides of each of these issues. Passionate, thoughtful people stand on all sides of debates over abortion, guns and immigration. There are also special interests that, in some cases, amplify the voices of REAL people and, at other times, represent third parties, whether governments, businesses, and yes, sometimes shadowy self-interests. But in all cases, there are REAL people with real things to say who deserve to be heard. However, the same cannot be said when it comes to comprehensive healthcare price transparency and building a healthcare system we can #trust. No real consumer stands against this.
That reality scares the daylights out of healthcare special interest groups, because in this case, they truly stand alone. They do not represent any actual people.

If I wrote about gun control, whether for it or against it, I would hear from people on both sides. Some would support me. Others would lambast me. But we’d hear from them. I’d hear what they think on Facebook and on LinkedIn and in the dozens of emails I receive from people all over the world every day. Yet I haven’t heard from anyone who is against building a healthcare system we can #trust. I haven’t seen any hospital executives write an OpEd for the Denver Post or appear on local news shows to oppose healthcare price transparency. In fact, Chris Vanderveen, a 9News Investigative Reporter, has been inviting hospitals to show up and explain their bills for a year now. None have come forward. Where is the opposition? Nowhere we can see them. The industry knows what speaking up against our bill or ballot initiative would mean…that the media would then ask me to comment on the same issue. And they can’t have that, because their destructive self-interest is so quickly exposed.

That’s why every Coloradan should expect, and urge, the Colorado State Legislature to take up this measure and pass it swiftly. It can, and should, merely tune out the lobbyists. There are times when lobbyists have value. They often represent people and can provide education and perspective. But that’s not the case here. No lobbyist can name an actual healthcare consumer, who does not represent the industry, who stands with them. If there are no REAL people standing with the lobbies, then they do not represent any Democratic or Republican constituent of any of our legislators. Not one. So, I challenge our legislators to tune out the lobbyists and represent your constituents!

I’m also stepping up the fundraising. I’ve written a piece on why this is an investment, not a donation, and how you should decide how much to invest. If you are so inclined, please read it as well.

We will get this done in 2018!

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